1. Social

While our trainings are specifically adapted to be affordable, we also focus on maintaining a positive and sustainable environmental impact. Through the partnership with the Société Royale Forestière de Belgique, we developed the Grow Skills & Trees campaign: for every training attendee, two trees are planted in Belgium. The activities of the SRFB cover the following objectives:

  • Reforestation efforts by planting at different geographic locations throughout Belgium.
  • ​Sustainable forest management with focus on training foresters and maintaining balanced forest biodiversity.
  • Increasing public awareness about the importance of forest management and reforestation.


2. Flexible

We understand that our clients may have a mobility concern for training a whole group. Accordingly, we always look at flexible solutions to make our trainings as convenient as possible:

  • Trainings are done in the location which the customer chooses. Generally, this would be inside the company offices, but it also can be at a conferencing venue (hotel or other) which the client can reserve. In this way, the customer does not need to worry about travel-related logistics and only focus on learning.
  • ​The customer gets to choose the best days for the training. Different companies have different budget cycles, trainings are best suited during calmer periods.
  • We are also flexible at adapting some of the material to fit the context of the customer's environment, as well as develop customer-specific material on demand.

3. Economical

While in recovery, the economical environment is in a period of uncertainty due to several financial and political events ongoing. Unfortunately, many companies have a tendency to reduce trainings as part of cutting down on operating costs.

We strongly believe that proper trainings are always financially beneficial on the longer term, but we need to recognize the short-term capacities of several companies.

​Accordingly, our group prices are highly affordable, and most competitive in the Western European market.

4. High Quality

While highly affordable, we do not compromise on quality:

  • With strong academic backgrounds in management and finance from top tier institutions, and solid experiences in training, sales & marketing, and manufacturing, we ensure that our education is well founded academically and links seamlessly into real-world business situations.
  • Customer satisfaction is a top priority. We constantly review your evaluation feedback in order to improve the preparation, content, and delivery of our trainings.

Our specialty is in finance and management. The services which we provide or are developing vary from specific to broad, depending on the subject and its purpose.


We offer high quality trainings and certification in both open enrolment and in-company formats. For open enrolment, we currently provide the following courses:

Click here for a complete schedule of our upcoming training sessions. More training courses are planned to be launched. We encourage checking our website regularly for updates.

These courses are also available in in-company format, with the content and cases tailor-made to suit company needs. 


We offer consulting solutions adapted to your company needs. Our focus is on small enterprises that wish to setup or enhance their operations. Our services include the following:

  • Financial Consulting
  • Budget Process
  • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • Quality Management System
  • Business Performance Monitoring System

Our head consultant, Jalal Antoine Haddad, held several corporate functions for more than a decade. Holding a Finance Masters degree from Harvard University (2020), he also holds an MBA from Vlerick Business School (2014), and a bachelor of engineering from the American University of Beirut (2006).


We provide confidential one-on-one coaching services for executives who wish to improve their understandings of certain finance and management concepts. MORE ON COACHING

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Ahead Education's vision is to promote the natural right for accessible and sustainable education in order to advance science and conscience in the global society.

Accordingly, with the motto of "Two Steps Ahead", we base all our operation on four interlocking and unchanging principles. 

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Our Business Model

Ahead Education is a dynamic Belgian company specialized in delivering open enrolment and in-company management and finance trainings, as well as providing consulting and coaching services for small enterprises and executives to enhance business results.

We are committed to provide top quality service, worldwide, with a strong emphasis on affordability and flexibility.

With a wide range of corporate experience in training, business, sales & marketing, finance, and quality management, we ensure that our services and courses touch on real-life situations that clients can understand and translate into their own business language. This approach merges between the academic and practical, and it aims to maximize the impact of our services. 

With educational backgrounds from top tier institutions, such as Harvard University, Vlerick Business School, and Vrije Universiteit Brussel, among others. You are guaranteed to receive services and solutions from well-informed consultants.

We look forward to leave a sustainable positive impact for our customers and the society at large. We take pride in our honesty, transparency, and goodwill. We therefore commit ourselves to high ethical standards in all our operations and activities.